Monday, June 15, 2009

Korma Style Vegetables

This is a great dish that can be served with meat or eaten alone or with some delicious rice like a god Basmati Rice .

Add ingredients to taste:

  • medium potatoes

  • Assorted Vegetables like beans, green peas, broccoli, Courgettes, cauliflower, Capsicum

  • carrots

  • pumpkin

  • Fresh coconut or Organic Coconut Cream

  • Lemon Juice & rind

  • Extra Virgin Olive oil

  • red chillies whole

  • cumin seeds

  • coriander seeds

  • garlic

  • turmeric powder

  • sea salt to taste

  • mustard seeds

  • ground masala

How to make mixed vegetables in coconut milk:
Healthy Vegetable Korma

  • Wash & dice the potatoes, carrot and pumpkin into small cubes. Cut the other veges slightly larger pieces.

  • Add warm water to half of the coconut cream and put to one side. Dissolve lemon rind and juice in some water.

  • Heat a little oil and sauté the whole red chillies, cumin, coriander, garlic and the remaining coconut till a nice aroma is given out. Grind into a fine paste.

  • Boil the vegetables in the coconut milk with turmeric powder, lemon and salt till nearly done. Add the ground masala and cook for 10 minutes.

  • Heat a little oil separately and add the remaining red chillies broken into two and mustard seeds. Add this to the vegetables.

  • Continue cooking the vegetables till done. Then add the thick coconut milk and simmer for two to three minutes.Serve hot with rice.

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