Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wheat & Nut Cheesecake Base

This is a recipe I have not even tried, it is in the oven as I write. I wanted make a cheesecake base that was going to be healthy and non biscuit based. I thought that some weetbix (an Australian Breakfast cereal) could be a good foundation of the base. Here is my recipe:

  • 3 weetbix
  • 1 tablespoon of unsalted butter
  • handful of finely chopped nuts like walnuts, pecans, sunflower seeds and almonds.
  • orange zest and tsp of orange juice

Mix butter, weetbix, nuts and orange in a food processor.

Place mixture in buttered and floured oven dish and cook for about 15 minutes at 150 then cook for a further 5 minutes at 200 or until a nice light toasted color is showing. (If you have a cheesecake mix then you should add that to the base first and cook together).

Take out of oven and let cool.

You can then place your cheesecake into this once it has cooled or you can use this recipe and cook it with your cheesecake together.

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